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Changelog 6.00.24

  • Moved back to the original Turbo Pascal code, and created a new branch 6.1 for the new 32bit versions
  • Cleaned up some code to remove errors when the program quits
  • Cleaned up some memory leaks

Changelog 6.00.23 (Unreleased)

  • Removed code for compiling under TurboPascal, updated to use FreePascal (DOS version)
  • Removed code for compiling under VirtualPascal, updated to use FreePascal (OS/2 version)
  • Update ftscprod to use plain CVS files from renamed to ftscprod.fix
  • Correct issue with asking for a floppy disk when starting/exiting Allfix
  • Corrected error in checkpaths that was checking for null/not required paths incorrectly
  • Re-wrote reading/Writing of setup.fix file for Multi-OS performance
  • Corrected issues locating DOS Archive programs when attempting to unpack archives
  • Correct issue with Updating Archivers
  • Rewrote ImportFileID/ExportFileID to help with lockups reading files created on *nix systems

Changelog 6.00 rel 22

  • ASetup was reading the updated NODEFILE.FIX System Directory incorrectly.
If you have upgraded to 6.0.21, please restore your nodefile.bak to nodefile.fix, and run Update.exe and then 'Convert Node Entries'. This will correct this issue (Reported by Robert Starr Jr)

Changelog 6.00 rel 21

This version has been removed due to Asetup bug fixed in .22
  • Fixed: Several memory leaks have been identified and corrected
  • Changed: File structures in the following files
    Changed all real48 to double. Please verify that if you use the billing features, that your numbers are correct.
    Changed the different record lengths between DOS and OS2 so they are the same sizes now.
    This version has been removed due to Asetup bug fixed in .22
    • farea.fix
    • grpfile.fix
    • nodefile.fix
    • toberep.fix

Changelog 6.00 rel 19

  • Registration no longer required
  • All registration only features have been enabled
  • All nags removed
  • Patched to stop Divide by zero errors
  • No bug fixes or new features
  • Due to licensing issues, and unability to locate support files that are required, there will be no Universal or Wildcat releases at this time
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