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ALLFIX is the most complete FileEcho utility available. No other program offers the large number of features that are part of the ALLFIX package.

What a couple of years

I know it has been a horible couple of years. I know many of us have lost family, friends and other loved ones, myself included. I have lost my mother, my aunt and a couple of friends making things difficult.
Work has been extreamly busy with all the unemployment keeping me working some 60+ hour weeks. And it looks like no end in sight.
Just want everyone to know Allfix is still in the back of my mind, and it does get worked on when I do get time, which unfoutunatly is far and few inbetween things.

Please stay safe, and let's hope the end is in sight for everyone that this virus becomes less of a threat.


Covid-19. What a pian this virus is. I hope that everyone is safe and doing their part to help this go away.
I have had to put Allfix Codeing on hold for this time, as I have increased to 70-90 hrs per week at work as I am concidered an essential employee and have been having coding for all of the FPUC, PUA and extended benefits for everyone that has been laied off of work to be able to get paid. This has been a very hard time for everyone and I hope everyone can understand that. Will write back once things change, and we know where everything will be once things start to open up again and people can get back to their lives.



We registered the new domain name ALLFIX.APP for some of our new changes coming. This currently will be for the application, so not much of a front facing website will be here, but it possible could be. Stay tuned for more exciting changes.

In dedication to the memory of Bob Seaborn

It's here!! Allfix 6.1!! This can be found in the download section. This should be concidered beta software.
Please send any issues to me via the ALLFIX_HELP fidonet area, or via netmail.
Also, I have made sure all of the registration only features are enabled as registration should not be needed (It does still have the registration keys in the setup they are just ignored)

Fidonet Address Change

My fidonet address has changed. I can now be reached at 1:218/720.

Quick Status Update!
Work has got me busy again with some new projects, but I have been making headway on a Windows/Linux GUI verson of ASetup. (I will get some screen shots and post what things are looking like.) This will be released for Version 7. The re-write has been moving along as well. Have removed the Email tossing functions, and just working on the File Tossing to get this back to the way it used to be. Code optimization to help with the speed of the tossing is also being created.
I will also keep up with the changes in the ALLFIX_HELP area as well.

I have uploaded a Downgrade program to convert the setup.fix file from Version 6.x back down to 5.13.
I have tested this on my local system and it appears to work so far. The file can be located at
This is a WINDOWS Executable and will not run in DOS.
As always, PLEASE MAKE A BACKUP OF ALL YOUR FILES BEFORE RUNNING THIS!! This will downgrade the SETUP.FIX file as it is the only file that changed between v5 and v6. If you have nothing to be reported, please make sure to remove the ToBeRpt files as these will be rebuilt as well.
I have also located all of the programs that gernerate the KEYS, and once I get this compiled, I can make some keys until v7 is ready for testing.

I have been reading about the issues that have been happening with the Version 6 of allfix. I have also been reading that these issues are happening more and more in windows environments. So I will do the following to help get systems up and online. We know that version 5 appears to be working better then 6, so I will get a downgrade program written here to allow the data to be downgraded. I have a key generating program that I need to test to see if it will in fact work for version 5. if I can get it to work correctly, then we can start making some keys for that version until version 7 is out. I will also start gearing my work to resolving the issues that are happening with Windows. Since it appears that windows is the more prevelent OS being used will gear to that with programs more designed for that instead of being DOS based.

Well, seems like I'm having a little issue getting Echomail sent out. Been working with my RC to get the issue resolved. If you dont see any responces from me this is why. Will report back when everything is back up.
2018.03.10 - Looks like we have everything back up and processing correctly again.

It is with great sorrow that we say goodbye to one of our most favorite members. We wish to say goodbye to Bob Seaborn. He will be greatly missed.

It has been brought up, that the 6.0.22 were missing the af_doc.idx file and documentation. Thie missing doc file has been placed online for downloading. This is the old documentation, as it is being re-written for teh new version that is being worked on. The most current documentation can always be found online at

Documentation for v6 has now been placed online. They are still being updated for the new features in v6.00, but still give a good explanation on items.

Version 6.0.22 has been released and can be found in the download section!

IMPORTANT There was a small bug in 6.0.21 ASETUP that was not allowing the SystemPath in the Node Manager to be read properly. Any updates that were done were causing other flags to be changed incorrectly.
If you had used the upgrade in the original version of 6.0.21, please resore your NODEFILE.BAK to NODEFILE.FIX, and run the Update on the Node Entries. This will correct this issue. Other users are not affected by this issue.

The documentation has been placed online. This is the last set of documents that were availiable, however as the new version is done, the new updated documents will be made available at the same time.
Work is currently underway to create a Windows32/64 bit version. Stay tuned for this.

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