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ALLFIX is the most complete FileEcho utility available. No other program offers the large number of features that are part of the ALLFIX package.

It has been brought up, that the 6.0.22 were missing the af_doc.idx file and documentation. Thie missing doc file has been placed online for downloading. This is the old documentation, as it is being re-written for teh new version that is being worked on. The most current documentation can always be found online at

Documentation for v6 has now been placed online. They are still being updated for the new features in v6.00, but still give a good explanation on items.

Version 6.0.22 has been released and can be found in the download section!

IMPORTANT There was a small bug in 6.0.21 ASETUP that was not allowing the SystemPath in the Node Manager to be read properly. Any updates that were done were causing other flags to be changed incorrectly.
If you had used the upgrade in the original version of 6.0.21, please resore your NODEFILE.BAK to NODEFILE.FIX, and run the Update on the Node Entries. This will correct this issue. Other users are not affected by this issue.

The documentation has been placed online. This is the last set of documents that were availiable, however as the new version is done, the new updated documents will be made available at the same time.
Work is currently underway to create a Windows32/64 bit version. Stay tuned for this.

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